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Our Premium Meats

For a memorable steak dinner, it is critical that you start with beef of the highest quality, like any of the premium cuts from Seaport Farms. Whether you choose our top-selling filet mignon, or go for the gusto with our cap of ribeye, you will be amazed at the delicious difference.

When you buy these premium steaks online, you are getting the love, care and quality assurance of generations of dedicated ranchers. Our USDA inspected steaks come from sources where they are cultivated with Western values and traditions, honed over hundreds of years. The beautiful marbling, exceptional flavor and tender texture make these steaks the best meats at the best prices.

All of our beef is processed under USDA inspection and is USDA graded (Prime, Choice, Select, etc.) . We stand by the quality of our products, whether it is lean and healthy, 100% grass-fed grain finished beef or our hormone and antibiotic free Pork and Chicken.  At Seaport Farms, quality is so much more than a marbling grade. It is about how the animals were raised, the farmer’s practices and standards, sustainability, flavor and everything in between.

Why Choose Us

100% Natural

Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Seafood.  100% grass-fed grain finished beef, hormone and antibiotic free meats.

Directly From The Farmer

Delivers with love, care, and quality assurance of generations of dedicated ranchers.

Best Quality

Cultivated with Western values and traditions, honored over hundreds of years.

Seaport Farms and Seaport Meat are both premium brands. Seaport Meat Company has been San Diego’s premier meat purveyor for over 40 years.

Shannon Masjedi, owner of Seaport Meat Company, was approached by many of her wholesale customers to provide steaks directly to the public.  

Seaport Meat has been providing quality meats to the Southern California area for the past 40 years, never considering the expansion until early in 2020 when the worldwide pandemic forced restaurants to close and reopened for take-out only service.  

Most of Seaport Meat’s Steak House and high-end restaurant clients decided to not re-open until the pandemic allowed them to offer in restaurant dining.  Out of respect for Seaport Meat Company customers, Shannon discussed the possibility to sell these restaurants’ custom cuts of meat to the public.   They agreed, allowing Seaport Meat to create a secondary line.  We are please to announce the creation of Seaport Farms.

Seaport Farms is pleased to offer fine steak house and restaurant cuts of meat delivered to your home. Because Seaport Farms is affiliated with the Seaport Meat production facility, we can offer the Best Meats at the Best Prices.  Seaport Meat has always provided meats to your favorite restaurants and butcher shops, and now our best meats will be offered to you online for delivery at a great price.

Who has the Meat ?
Seaport Farms has the meat !