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Filet Mignon: 8 ounces


The Tenderloin Steak a.k.a. “Filet Mignon” is cut from the muscle that does very little work, and is the most tender, juiciest cut of beef available.

Our Butchers take pride in preparing this cut of meet for our customers, they trim the fat to maximize the meet arriving to your door.

The Filet Mignon comes from an underworked and therefore a tender muscle.  An expensive cut that is very easy to cook.  We recommend that you lightly salt an hour before preparation, sear and use gentle heat to cook to a medium rare.   If you like your Filet a little warmer than medium rare you might want to “Butterfly” the Filet.

  • Supplied by family farms in USA
  • Exceeds USDA definition of all-natural beef
  • Produced with long term sustainability
  • Fork tender melts in your mouth

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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